Thanks to Wendy members were treated to a video of gardens designed by Kathy LaLiberte. Kathy was interviewed by James Barrett the Senior Editor of Garden Gate magazine. (Click here to access this video.)

Threats From Invasive Plants: The Case for Using Native Plants featuring Rose Paul, Director of Critical Lands and Conservation Science

SNAKEWORMS. Also called jumping worms and also called Asian worms, can be devastating to our gardens and our forests. The snakeworm looks similar to a beneficial earthworm, though the invasive snake worm has a more whitish band that fully circumnavigates the worm, and it is highly destructive. The snakeworm also reproduces prolifically. These worms devour organic matter and deplete soils of nutrients. Their eggs survive our winters. For more information about this topic, click here for an outline from the UVM Master Gardener. You can also watch a detailed video from Dr. Josef Gorres, professor at UVM, who is doing major work on this subject by clicking here. Check out these links to learn more: